Technology to your purpose, story and emotion.

Tied Technologies professionally offer the Information Technology with high quality and affordability. We have highly experienced team of professionals with diversity of talent who are capable of tackling projects of any complexity.

An array of services includes Idea implementation having UI/UX design, Business logic of an idea, Software development, Enterprise SAAS Applications, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce solutions, Digital marketing with all quality assurance and Research and Development

We are expertise in latest technology for developing a mobile or web applications to solve your tasks and purpose of your business.

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Transformation Intelligence Engineered Digitally

Mobile App Development
We build amazing mobile apps (Android & iOS) for Businesses and Non-Profits.
Internet of Things
We build disruptive frameworks to track & analyze data obtained from IOT sensors.
Robotic Process Automation
Automate your repetitive business workflows and improve the productivity
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About Us


An aim to simplify the purpose of the world by transformation of intelligence and engineer it digitally through an amalgamation of dynamic and experienced technologist, designers, engineers and think tanks.

Easing every process through a planned and perfect execution of computing power in the form of solutions is our company’s core. Our team seamlessly strives to provide our clients with services that re-define the experience of technology and guiding many organizations towards the betterment. Creating technological experiences communicating clearly to achieve marketing goals by providing continuous support to create qualitative results for businesses and do fantastic.

We love to be part of the creative process.


Solving new Challenges with Quality

Solving the problems passionately

Communicating Creatively


Our core strength and focus

are to serve customers giving an impetus to their business with our quality & best in class technology services in the following platforms.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI),
  • Machine Learning ,
  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Virtual Reality,
  • Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality
  • Cloud Services & Web Applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Game Development

A key element in our applications is UI/UX which successfullyshows an ease of usability that interact with its users.

It’s a known fact that most of the tasks are completed over the Web creating a demand for perfect informative and serving applications.

At TIED we provide carefully transformed, interactively engaged and high performance versatile mobile apps in daily life built on different platforms like iPhone, Android and Windows gadgets.

Financial security is a major concern in today’s world which depend on commerce portals for transactions while purchases.